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How To Become a Basketball Official:

OSSAA - How to become an Official


1.) Register with the OSSAA - $64 Enrollment Fee (yearly) - $32 if rookie (1st year only)

2.) Register with a local association - OASO Meetings start Wednesday, Oct 4th, 2023 at Bishop Kelley HS 6pm

3.) Attend 3 local meetings (yearly)

4.) Attend a State Rules Meeting (or watch it online) - (Yearly)

5.) Take and Pass Part I of the NFHS Basketball Test - 75% minimum to pass (Yearly) 

Here is where you take the exam:

To work the playoffs you must also: 

6.) Take and Pass the Concussion Certification class online at (Yearly)  OSSAA Concussion Guidelines

7.) Take and Pass the Heat Illness Certification class online at (1 time in your career) 

8.) Take the Implicit Bias Course class online at (1 time in your career)

9.) Take and Pass Part II of the NFHS Basketball Test - 75% minimum to pass (Yearly)

10.) Set up an account at RefPay

If you want to have an opportunity to be assigned games by the OASO, you will need to Register with the OASO (through Arbiter) below - this is not the same as registering with the OSSAA as that is separate.  Here is the link plus instructions on how to register ($32 yearly fee) 




Useful Websites:

OSSAA Website

Referee's Call


Referee Magazine

Oklahoma Association of Sports Officials


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